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Bundanon Writers Residency

I’ve been away for a week doing just this. (Plus writing of course)

With these wonderful people.

And lots of sleepless nights due to extremely-noisy wombats.

But overall, amazing weather, and sunny side up.

You know how you’re always adding things to your list and then asking yourself, but when am I going to find the time? This writers retreat at Bundanon was just that. To clear an endless to do list. To watch, read, write, absorb, live, laugh, enjoy, and create.. Monday to Sunday. With a bunch of people doing the same thing.

Blessed. Privileged. Awed. The Aussie countryside being the perfect backdrop… wombats, kangaroos, birds, little spiders dangling from trees, reading in the shade of trees, and pure freedom. A commute into remote bushland with a similar timeframe from Wollongong to Sydney, just in the opposite direction.

Thanks, as always, to the SCWC (the local writers centre proudly situated on my doorstep in Coledale - as if a dream come true).

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